Planning The Perfect Memorial Day Barbecue

When you think of backyard celebrations, the Fourth of July often comes to mind but why wait and pass up the opportunity to celebrate Memorial Day. For many of us, the weather is finally warm enough to enjoy the outdoors as spring begins to wrap up and the summer season gets ready to kick off. Memorial Day is the perfect time to gather friends and family together for the perfect backyard barbecue (or cookout as my husband prefers).

What’s On The Menu?

Since Memorial Day is usually low-key, consider going the extra mile when it comes to the food you choose to serve. Barbecued ribs are a finger licking good favorite that everyone will appreciate. They can be a little expensive, so consider them for a small gathering. Another fun choice is to slow-smoke a pork shoulder or other piece of meat. It takes a long time, but that true smoky barbecue flavor simply can’t be beat!

If that is more than you were thinking, then simply add a couple couple of flags to your burgers. istock_000016813565small

Or wrap your hotdogs in scrapbook paper and twine.


A homemade coleslaw or pasta salad is always a classic choice for a side dish, but you can also consider taking it up a notch with some homemade baked beans. Made in the slow cooker, they are an easy choice to prepare ahead of time.

Why not decorate with these kid friendly food options.

2ff7294c212d95c451cea65b44eee27a9889dd4efca9001ae117309b588f5ff2 If you are feeling adventurous, you can tackle this fun flag cake.


Fun And Games

Set up some fun games for people of all ages to add to the fun. Classics like a three-legged race, a water balloon toss, or corn hole are always popular choices.

cornhole-gameYou can also consider getting a piñata filled with small toys and candies for the young children.


Patriotic pinata via Walmart

A scavenger hunt around the neighborhood is another great way for everyone to have a good time, and works especially well if your neighbors are joining your barbecue/cookout. Create a list of things to find and send out teams on the hunt! When everyone comes back, have prizes for the teams who have been successful!

In addition to remembering those who served our country to protect our freedom, Memorial Day is a great way to celebrate the American Dream. Start off the barbecue season and have friends and family over for a great time. Take advantage of your long weekend and plan a great party everyone will be talking about.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Weekend!


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